Prayers & Squares

The Prayers and Squares Ministry at Mountain Shadows is a ministry of devotion for those in need of Christ’s love. Every month, quilters from our church and surrounding communities gather to make lasting gifts of beautiful quilts for people whose lives are need of special blessings. Prayers are knotted into every quilt produced by a small group of dedicated artisans.

The women of the Prayers & Squares ministry leave a series of heavy threads stitched through the quilt layers untied so that other parishioners can tie the knots themselves as they pray silently for those who will receive the quilts. Each knot ties the layers of the quilt together and stitches into the fabric the prayers of the whole congregation.

"The prayers that go into it are much more important than the quilts themselves," Prayers & Squares member Cheron Mayhall says. The Prayers & Squares organization began in 1992 at Hope United Methodist Church in Rancho Bernardo, California. Mountain Shadows' chapter of Prayers & Squares was formed in early 2008. For more information about this Christian organization, visit their web site at

Prayers & Squares is a very meaningful ministry for both the makers and receivers. When a quilt is completed, it is presented to person or family in need during a Sunday church service by the quilters themselves. To date, the MSPC Prayers & Squares ministry has made and distributed about thirty lap quilts to friends of the church and people who need support and extra prayers.

Recipients of quilts made by this ministry have included women with breast cancer, stroke victims, people recovering from surgeries, and a three year old girl suffering from multiple injuries after she was hit by a vehicle.

Mountain Shadows' Prayers & Squares ministry is always looking for new members. It is open to anyone interested in enhancing their own faith by helping others, in seeking comraderie through artistry, or even just a desire to learn more about quilting. Check our calendar for the next Prayers & Squares meeting.