Banners – Paraments

Church calendar

Many of our banners/paraments hanging in the sanctuary were handcrafted by member Lynn P and displayed during each cycle of the church calendar represented by specific coloring.  White stands for Light and the Festivals of Christ (mostly in April and at Christmas in December).  Purple stands for royalty, repentance, and suffering (mostly the end of February, most all of March, and December prior to Christmas).  Red stands for the Pentecostal fire of the Hold Spirit, the blood of Christ, and the blood of the Martyrs (in mid-May).   Green stands for growth (most of January, early February, late May, and all of June through most of November).  Gray stands for Holy Week at the close of Maundy Thursday, a time when the church remains bare until Easter.

Church Calendar

Church calendar

Our purple hangings


Our white hangings

Our red hangings

Our green hangings