Book Inventory

As of 5-26-24

Primary Author Book Title Cabinet # (C) Row (R) #
Achtemeier, Elizabeth The Committed Marriage – Biblical Perspectives on Current Issues C1-R1
Adams, Mark Just Coffee – Caffein with a Conscience C1-R1
Ahern, Patrick Maurice and Therese – The Story of Love C1-R1
Al-Anon Family Groups Courage to Change – One Day at a Time in Al-Anon II C3-R6
Alberti, Robert E. Your Perfect Right – A Guide to Assertive Living C1-R1
Albom, Mitch The Five People You Meet in Heaven C1-R1
Alexander, A.L. Poems That Touch the Heart C1-R1
Alexander, Eben Proof of Heaven – A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife C1-R1
Alexander, Pat Eerdman’s Handbook to the Bible C4-R2
Alexander, Pat The Lion Encyclopedia of the Bible – Life and Times, Meaning, and Message C4-R2
Allen, Charles L. The Secret of Abundant Living C1-R1
American Bible Society Good News Bible – with Deuterocanonicals / Apocrypha — the Bible in Today’s English Version C5-R1
Anderson, Bernhard W. The Unfolding Drama of the Bible C1-R1
Angell, James W. How to Spell Presbyterian – Revised C1-R1
Angelou, Maya Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now C1-R1
Appleton, George The Oxford Book of Prayer C1-R1
Arackal, Joseph J. The Psalms in Inclusive Language C1-R1
Armstrong, Karen A History of God – The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam C1-R1
Atwood, James E. America and Its Guns – A Theological Exposé C1-R1
Autry, James A. Choosing Gratitude – Learning to Love the Life You Have C1-R1
Bahti, Tani Dying to Know – Straight Talk About Death and Dying C1-R1
Bainton, Roland H. The Church Of Our Fathers C1-R1
Baker, Philip M. Unleashing Potential – Embracing the Power of a Growth Mindset C1-R1
Bancroft, Anne Women in Search of the Sacred C1-R1
Barclay, William “And Jesus Said” – A Handbook on the Parables of Jesus C1-R1
Barclay, William Introducing the Bible C1-R1
Barclay, William Letters to the Seven Churches C1-R1
Barclay, William Revelation of John – Volume 2, Chapters 6 to 22 C1-R1
Barclay, William The Acts of the Apostles – The New Daily Study Bible C1-R1
Barclay, William The Gospel of Luke C1-R1
Barclay, William The Gospel of Mark C1-R1
Barclay, William The Gospel of Matthew – Volume 2 C1-R1
Barclay, William The Gospel of Matthew – Volume I C1-R1
Barclay, William The Letter to the Hebrews C1-R1
Barclay, William The Letter to the Romans C1-R1
Barclay, William The Letters of James and Peter C1-R1
Barclay, William The Letters to the Galatians and Ephesians C1-R1
Barclay, William The Letters to the Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians C1-R1
Barclay, William The Letters to Timothy, Titus, and Philemon C1-R1
Barclay, William The Master’s Men C1-R1
Barclay, William – SPC Acts C5-R3
Barclay, William – SPC Corinthians C5-R3
Barclay, William – SPC Galatians and Ephesians C5-R3
Barclay, William – SPC Hebrews C5-R3
Barclay, William – SPC John – Volume 1 C5-R3
Barclay, William – SPC John – Volume 2 C5-R3
Barclay, William – SPC Luke C5-R3
Barclay, William – SPC Mark C5-R3
Barclay, William – SPC Matthew – Volume 1 C5-R3
Barclay, William – SPC Matthew – Volume 2 C5-R3
Barclay, William – SPC Romans C5-R3
Bass, Diana Butler Christianity for the Rest of Us – How the Neighborhood Church Is Transforming the Faith C1-R1
Bass, Dorothy C. Practicing Our Faith C1-R1
Bauman, Stephan Break Open the Sky – Saving Our Faith from a Culture of Fear C1-R2
Bauman, Stephan Seeking Refuge – On the Shores of the Global Refugee Crisis C1-R2
Beattie, Frank A. Companion to the Constitution – Polity for the Local Church C1-R2
Bechtel, Carol M. Glimpses of Glory – Daily Reflections on the Bible C3-R6
Bell, Lorna Happy Endings – Uplifting End of Life Stories C1-R2
Bell, Rob Love Wins – A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived C1-R2
Bender, Sheila Writing Personal Essays – How to Shape Your Life Experiences for the Page C1-R2
Bickel, Bruce God Is in the Small Stuff… And It All Matters C3-R6
Blair, Brett Children’s Sermons A To Z C1-R2
Blair, Brett The Big Influence Of Small Things C1-R2
Block, Peter Stewardship – Choosing Service Over Self-Interest C1-R2
Blythe, Teresa A. 50 Ways to Pray – Practices from Many Traditions and Times C1-R2
Boadt, Lawrence Reading the Old Testament – An Introduction C1-R2
Boegner, Marc The Prayer of the Church Universal C1-R2
Bombeck, Erma Forever, Erma – Best-Loved Writing from America’s Favorite Humorist C1-R2
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Life Together and Prayerbook of the Bible C1-R2
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich The Cost of Discipleship C1-R2
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Watch for the Light – Readings for Advent and Christmas C3-R6
Bonner, Bridget 5 Inspirations to Create Your Highest Self C1-R2
Bonner, Bridget Inspirational Words for Enlightened Consciousness C1-R2
Boom, Corrie Ten The Hiding Place C1-R2
Borg, Marcus Embracing An Adult Faith – Marcus Borg On What It Means to Be Christian C1-R2
Borg, Marcus J. Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time – The Historical Jesus and the Heart of Contemporary Faith C1-R2
Borg, Marcus J. Reading the Bible Again For the First Time – Taking the Bible Seriously But Not Literally C1-R2
Borg, Marcus J. The First Paul – Reclaiming the Radical Visionary Behind the Church’s Conservative Icon C1-R2
Borg, Marcus J. The Heart of Christianity – Rediscovering a Life of Faith C1-R2
Borg, Marcus J. The Meaning of Jesus – Two Visions C1-R2
Borthwick, Paul How To Be A World-Class Christian C1-R2
Bosco, Antoinette The Pummeled Heart – Finding Peace Through Pain C1-R2
Bostrom, Kathleen Long Papa’s Gift: An Inspirational Story of Love and Loss C5-R2
Bower, Peter C. The Companion to the Book of Common Worship C4-R4
Bowman, John Wick Hebrews – 2 Peter — The Letter to the Hebrews – The Letter of James; The First and Second Letters of Peter C1-R2
Brand, Paul Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – A Surgeon Looks at the Human and Spiritual Body C1-R2
Brande, Dorothea Becoming a Writer C1-R2
Bridges, William Transitions – Making Sense of Life’s Changes C1-R2
Briscoe, Jill In a Quiet Place – Daily Devotions C1-R2
Bristow, John T. What Paul Really Said About Women – The Apostle’s Liberating Views on Equality in Marriage, Leadership, and Love C1-R2
Brown, Don The Unwanted –  Stories of the Syrian Refugees C5-R2
Brown, Joan Winmill Day-By-Day with Billy Graham C1-R5
Brown, Patricia D. 365 Affirmations for Hopeful Living C1-R2
Brown, Peter The Book of Kells – Selection C1-R2
Brown, Robert McAfee The Bible Speaks To You C1-R2
Brown, Robert McAfee The Significance of the Church C1-R2
Brueggemann, Walter An Introduction to the Old Testament – The Canon and Christian Imagination C1-R2
Brueggemann, Walter First and Second Samuel C1-R2
Bryan, Ashley Beautiful Blackbird C5-R2
Bubna, Donald Building People Through a Caring Sharing Fellowship C1-R3
Buckley, Christopher God Is My Broker – A Monk-Tycoon Reveals the 7 1/2 Laws of Spiritual and Financial Growth C1-R3
Buechner, Frederick Secrets in the Dark – A Life in Sermons C1-R3
Buechner, Frederick The Hungering Dark C1-R3
Buechner, Frederick The Magnificent Defeat C1-R3
Buechner, Frederick The Sacred Journey – A Memoir of Early Days C1-R3
Burl, Aubrey Prehistoric Astronomy and Ritual C1-R3
Bussie, Jacqueline A. Love Without Limits – Jesus’ Radical Vision for Love with No Exceptions C1-R3
Butler, Leah Andre’s Choice – In a Land of Opportunity C5-R2
Butler, Leah Owen’s Choice – The Night of the Halloween Vandals C5-R2
Buttrick, George A. Prayer C1-R3
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – a – Volume 1 — General and Old Testament Articles — Genesis, Exodus C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – b –  Volume 2 — Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – c – Volume 3 — Kings, Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – d – Volume 4 — Psalms, Proverbs C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – e – Volume 5 — Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Isaiah, Jeremiah C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – f – Volume 6 — Lamentations, Exekiel, Daniel, Twelve Prophets C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – g – Volume 7 — New Testament Articles, Matthew, Mark C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – h – Volume 8 — Luke, John C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – i – Volume 9 — Acts, Romans C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – j – Volume 10 — Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – k – Volume 11 — Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Pastoral Epistles, Philemon, Hebrews C4-R3 / C4-R4
Buttrick, George A. The Interpreter’s Bible – l – Volume 12 — James, Peter, John, Jude, Revelation, General Articles, Indexes C4-R3 / C4-R4
Byron, William J. Take Courage – Psalms of Support and Encouragement C1-R3
Caine, Lynn Widow C1-R3
Callahan, Kennon L. Giving and Stewardship in an Effective Church – A Guide for Every Member C1-R3
Calvocoressi, Peter Who’s Who In the Bible C5-R2
Cameron, Julia The Writer’s Life C1-R3
Canfield, Jack A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul C1-R3
Canfield, Jack Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul C1-R3
Canfield, Jack Chicken Soup for the Soul – 101 Stories To Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit C1-R3
Capon, Robert Farrar The Parables of Grace C1-R3
Capon, Robert Farrar The Parables of Judgment C1-R3
Capon, Robert Farrar The Parables of the Kingdom C1-R3
Carlson, Laurie Kids Create! Art and Craft Experiences for 3- To 9-Year-Olds C5-R2
Carlson, Paula J. Listening For God C3-R6
Carlson, Paula J. Listening For God – Volume 2 C3-R6
Carlson, Paula J. Listening For God – Volume 3 C3-R6
Carlson, Paula J. Listening For God – Volume 4 C3-R6
Carr, Jo Bless This Mess and Other Prayers C1-R3
Carrell, Lori The Great American Sermon Survey C1-R3
Carter, Jimmy Living Faith C1-R3
Carter, Jimmy Our Endangered Values – America’s Moral Crisis C1-R3
Carter, Jimmy Palestine – Peace Not Apartheid C1-R3
Carter, Jimmy Through the Year with Jimmy Carter – 366 Daily Meditations from the 39th President C1-R3
Carter, William Good News for Gods People C1-R3
Carven, Wanda Everyday Experiences with God – Perspective and Hope for Life’s Challenges C1-R3
Caspersen, Dana Changing the Conversation – The 17 Principles of Conflict Resolution C1-R3
CEB The CEB Study Bible – Book of Mark — Common English Bible C5-R2
Chacour, Elias Blood Brothers C1-R3
Chambers, Oswald My Utmost for His Highest C1-R3
Chao, Jonathan The China Mission Handbook – A Protrait of China and Its Church C1-R3
Charles, C. Leslie All Is Not Lost C1-R3
Chervin, Ronda De Sola Prayers of the Women Mystics C1-R3
Chittister, Joan A Passion for Life  – Fragments of the Face of God C5-R2
Chittister, Joan Heart of Flesh – A Feminist Spirituality for Women and Men C1-R3
Chittister, Joan The Friendship of Women – The Hidden Tradition of the Bible C1-R3
Chittister, Joan The Gift of Years – Growing Older Gracefully C1-R3
Clairmont, Patsy Stained Glass Hearts – Seeing Life from a Broken Perspective C1-R3
Clinebell, Howard Well Being – A Personal Plan for Exploring and Enriching the Seven Dimensions of Life C1-R3
Coalter, Milton J. The Presbyterian Predicament – Six Perspectives C1-R3
Coburn, John B. Prayer and Personal Religion C1-R3
Coffin, Henry Sloane The Ten Commandments – With a Christian Application to Present Conditions C1-R3
Collett, Merrill At Home with Dying – A Zen Hospice Approach C1-R4
Collings, Gary R. The Joy of Caring C1-R4
Collins, Gary R. How to Be a People Helper C1-R4
Collins, Gary R. It’s O.K. to be Single – A Guidebook For Singles and the Church C1-R4
Come, Arnold B. Human Spirit and Holy Spirit C1-R4
Coniaris, Anthony M. Orthodoxy – A Creed For Today — Plain Talks On The Orthodox Faith Based On The Nicene Creed C1-R4
Connelly, Kerry Wait – Is this Racist?  A Guide To Becoming an Anti-Racist Church C1-R4
Cousins, Norman “In God We Trust” – The Religious Beliefs and Ideas of the American Founding Fathers C1-R4
Cousins, Norman The Healing Heart – Antidotes to Panic and Helplessness C1-R4
Crabb, Larry Shattered Dreams – God’s Unexpected Pathway to Joy C1-R4
Craigo-Snell, Shannon No Innocent Bystanders – Becoming an Ally in the Struggle for Justice C1-R4
Crimmins, Cathy When My Parents Were My Age, They Were Old — Or, Who Are You Calling Middle-Aged? C1-R4
Cring, Jonathan Richard Living a Legendary Life C1-R4
Cring, Jonathan Richard Preparing a Place – For Myself C1-R4
Cromie, Richard M. When You Lose Someone You Love C1-R4
Crosby, Harriet A Well-Watered Garden – A Gardener’s Guide to Spirituality C1-R4
Crosby, Harriet Devotions for Leaders – Living Your Faith in a 9-to-5 World C1-R4
Cross, Luther Story Sermons for Children C1-R4
Crossan, John Dominic The Greatest Prayer – Rediscovering the Revolutionary Message of The Lord’s Prayer C1-R4
Crowder, Bill Let’s Talk – Praying Your Way to a Deeper Relationship with God C1-R4
Cunningham, Sarah We Belong Together – Churches in Solidarity With Women C1-R4
Cupitt, Don After God – The Future Of Religion C1-R4
Daniel, Ben Thoughtful Christianity – Faith and Action in the Way of Jesus C1-R4
Dault, Kira Walk and Talk – Walking Together with Scripture C3-R6
Davis, John D. The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible C4-R2
Davis, Kenneth C. Don’t Know Much About the Bible?  Everything You Need To Know About the Good Book But Never Learned C1-R4
Dawn, Marva J. Reaching Out Without Dumbing Down – A Theology of Worship for This Urgent Time C1-R4
Denbeaux, Fred J. Understanding the Bible C1-R4
Detwiler-Zapp, Diane Lay Caregiving – Creative Pastoral Care and Counseling C1-R4
Diamant, Anita The Red Tent C1-R4
Diehm, William J. Criticizing C1-R4
Dillow, Linda Calm My Anxious Heart – A Woman’s Guide to Finding Contentment C1-R4
Doidge, Norman The Brain That Changes Itself – Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science C1-R4
Doka, Kenneth J. Living With Grief – Loss in Later Life C1-R4
Donaho, Joe Good News Travels Faster C1-R4
Donigian, George Hovaness A World Worth Saving – Lenten Spiritual Practices for Action C1-R4
Doss, Richard W. The Last Enemy – A Christian Understanding of Death C1-R4
Dowdall-Thomae, Cynthia Hey You’s from Heaven C5-R2
Drane, John Introducing the New Testament C1-R4
Duckert, Mary Help!  I’m a Sunday School Teacher C1-R4
Dunham, Laura Extraordinary Time – Spiritual Reflections from a Season with Cancer, Death, and Transition C1-R4
Dunn, Louise The Hollowed Heart – Inspiration for Women Awakening from Grief and Loss C1-R4
Dunnam, Maxie D. Jesus’ Claims – Our promises — A Study of the ‘I am’ Sayings of Jesus C1-R4
Dunnam, Maxie D. Living the Psalms – A Confidence For All Seasons C1-R4
Durback, Robert A Retreat With Henri Nouwen – Reclaiming Our Humanity C1-R4
Durback, Robert Seeds of Hope – A Henri Nouwen reader C1-R4
Durkin, Mary Brian Be Not Afraid, I Am With You C1-R4
Edmonson, George Me, You, and God – Group Experiments for Christians C1-R5
Edwards, James R., Jr. The Divine Intruder – When God Breaks Into Your Life C1-R5
Edwards, Tilden Living in the Presence – Spiritual Exercises to Open Our Lives to the Awareness of God C1-R5
Eiseman, Robert James the Brother of Jesus C1-R5
Elliott, Andrea Invisible Child – Poverty, Survival, and Hope in an American City C1-R5
Elson, Edward L. R. And Still He Speaks – The Words of the Risen Christ C1-R5
Engstrom, Ted W. The Fine Art of Friendship Building and Maintaining Quality Relationships C1-R5
Epperly, Bruce G. God’s Touch – Faith, Wholeness, and the Healing Miracles of Jesus C1-R5
Essex, Barbara J. Bad Boys of the Bible – Exploring Men of Questionable Virtue C1-R5
Evans, Colleen Townsend Living True – A Woman Looks at How “Faith That Works” Can Change Your Life C1-R5
Evans, Louis Jr. Covenant To Care – How To Make Close Friends…How To Be a Close Friend C1-R5
Fagerstrom, Douglas L. Singles Ministry Handbook C1-R5
Farley, Andrew The Naked Gospel – The Truth You May Never Hear in Church C1-R5
Farris, T. V. Mighty to Save – A Study in Old Testament Soteriology C1-R5
Fee, Gordon D. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth – A Guide to Understanding the Bible C4-R2
Feiler, Bruce Abraham – A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths C1-R5
Feiler, Bruce Walking the Bible – A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses C1-R5
Fischer, Kathleen Autumn Gospel – Women in the Second Half of Life C1-R5
Forbes, James Whose Gospel?  A Concise Guide to Progressive Protestantism C1-R5
Foster, Richard J Celebration of Discipline – The Path to Spiritual Growth C1-R5
Foster, Richard J. Prayer – Finding the Heart’s True Home C1-R5
Foster, Richard J. Seeking the Kingdom – Devotions for the Daily Journey of Faith C1-R5
Foster, Richard J. Streams of Living Water – Celebrating the Great Traditions of Christian Faith C1-R5
Fox, Eddie The Faith-Sharing New Testament with the Psalms C5-R1
Fox, Matthew The Hidden Spirituality of Men – Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine C1-R5
Freeman, Criswell When Life Throws You a Curveball, Hit It – Simple Wisdom About Lifes Ups and Downs C1-R5
French, Ivan D. Reaching Seekers C1-R5
Fullam, Everett L. Living the Lord’s Prayer C1-R5
Funk, Robert Walter The Acts of Jesus – What Did Jesus Really Do? C1-R5
Furlong, Monica Women Pray – Voices Through the Ages, from Many Faiths, Cultures, and Traditions C1-R5
Gallagher, Nora Things Seen and Unseen – A Year Lived in Faith C1-R5
Gaventa, Beverly Roberts First and Second Thessalonians C1-R5
Gawande, Atul Being Mortal – Medicine and What Matters in the End C1-R5
Geoffrion, Jill Kimberly Hartwell Praying the Labyrinth – A Journal for Spiritual Exploration C1-R5
Gilliland, Glaphre When the Pieces Don’t Fit C1-R5
Ginott, Shai Spectacular Israel C5-R2
Girzone, Joseph F. Joshua – A Parable for Today C1-R5
Giudice, Liliane Alone Until Tomorrow C1-R5
Goldberg, Natalie Writing Down the Bones – Freeing the Writer Within C1-R6
Goodrick, Edward New International Bible Concordance C4-R6
Goodrick, Edward The NIV Handy Concordance C4-R6
Graham, Billy Just As I Am – The Autobiography of Billy Graham C1-R6
Graham, Billy Nearing Home – Life, Faith, and Finishing Well C1-R6
Graham, Billy Peace With God C1-R6
Graham, Billy The Secret of Happiness C1-R6
Graham, Ruth In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart – Hope for the Hurting C1-R6
Grandin, Temple The Way I See It – A Personal Look at Autism and Asperger’s C1-R6
Gray, Barbara Wood Sharing the Song – From One Poet to Another C1-R6
Gray, Joan S. Presbyterian Polity for Church Officers C1-R6
Grayson, Curt Creating a Safe Place – Christian Healing from the Hurt of Dysfunctional Families C1-R6
Greer, Ronald J. If You Know Who You Are …You’ll Know What to Do – Living with Integrity C1-R6
Griffin, Therese M. Are You Hearing Me?  Tell Me Before I Die C1-R6
Griffin, Therese M. Who’s Smart and Still Can’t Read?  My Experience with Vision and Learning Disability C1-R6
Griffin, Therese M. Why Am I Not Hearing You?  My Racial Relations in Life and Workplaces C1-R6
Griggs, Donald L. The Bible from Scratch – The New Testament for Beginners C1-R6
Griggs, Donald L. The Bible from Scratch – The Old Testament for Beginners C1-R6
Grimm, Eugene Generous People – How to Encourage Vital Stewardship C1-R6
Grollman, Earl A. Concerning Death – A Practical Guide for the Living C1-R6
Guest, John In Search of Certainty C1-R6
Gulley, Philip Almost Friends C1-R6
Guthrie, Savannah Mostly What God Does – Reflections on Seeking and Finding His Love Everywhere C1-R6
Guthrie, Shirley C. Christian Doctrine – Revised Edition C1-R6
Hailey, Homer A Commentary on the Minor Prophets C1-R6
Haleem, Abdel The Qur’an – A New Translation C2-R6
Hall, Douglas John Why Christian?  For Those on the Edge of Faith C1-R6
Hallmark 50 Things That Really Matter C3-R6
Hallmark Friendship is a Blessing C3-R6
Halstead, Elizabeth Steele Visuals for Worship (with CD) C1-R6
Hamm, M. Dennis The Acts of the Apostles – New Testament C1-R6
Hammond, Inc. Atlas of the Bible Lands C5-R2
Hanh, Thich Nhat Creating True Peace – Ending Violence in Yourself, Your Family, Your Community, and the World C1-R6
Hansen, Gary Neal Kneeling with Giants – Learning to Pray with History’s Best Teachers C1-R6
Harre, Alan F. Close the Back Door – Ways to Create a Caring Congregational Fellowship C1-R6
Hartman, Brody Wise at Heart – Children and Adults Share Words of Wisdom C5-R2
Hasler, Richard A. Journey With David Brainerd – Great Awakening Writings (1725-1760) C1-R6
Haugen, Doug Jonah, Joel and Amos – 13 Studies for Individuals or Groups C1-R6
Haugk, Kenneth C. A Time To Grieve – Journeying Through Grief — Book One C1-R6
Haugk, Kenneth C. Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart – How to Relate to Those Who Are Suffering C1-R6
Haugk, Kenneth C. Finding Hope and Healing – Journeying Through Grief — Book Three C1-R6
Haugk, Kenneth C. Questions and Answers About Church Inactivity C1-R6
Haugk, Kenneth C. Reopening the Back Door – Answers to Questions about Ministering to Inactive Members C1-R6
Haugk, Kenneth C. The Quest for Quality Caring – Improve Your Ability to Relate to Others C1-R6
Hay, Louise L. Meditations to Heal Your Life C1-R6
Hayes, Helen A Gathering of Hope C1-R6
Heald, Cynthia Abiding in Christ C2-R1
Heald, Cynthia Becoming a Woman of Excellence C2-R1
Heald, Cynthia Becoming a Woman of Prayer – A Bible Study C2-R1
Heald, Cynthia Maybe God is Right After All – And Other Radical Ideas to Live By C2-R1
Hendra, Tony Father Joe – The Man Who Saved My Soul C2-R1
Hendricks, Howard G. Say It With Love – Don’t Fake It C2-R1
Henrichsen, Walter A. Disciples are Made – Not Born C2-R1
Herman, John One Winter’s Night C5-R2
Hershey, Terry Beginning Again C2-R1
Hildebrand, Kenneth Achieving Real Happiness C2-R1
Hine, James R. On the Serendipity Road – Exploring the Unexpected C2-R1
Hobe, Phyllis Coping – A Guidepost Book for Christian Living Today C2-R1
Hobe, Phyllis The Guideposts Handbook of Prayer C2-R1
Hofmann, Hans The Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr C2-R1
Hogan, Julie K. Guideposts for the Spirit – Christmas Stories of Faith C3-R6
Holmes, Marjorie I’ve Got to Talk to Somebody, God — A Woman’s Conversation with God C2-R1
Huang, Chi When Invisible Children Sing C2-R1
Huggett, Joyce The Joy of Listening to God C2-R1
Humphrey, B. Bruce What Would Jesus Do? C2-R1
Hunter, Archibald Macbride Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians C2-R1
Hurnard, Hannah Hinds’ Feet on High Places C2-R1
Hybels, Bill Too Busy Not to Pray – Journal C2-R1
Hybels, Bill Who You Are When No One’s Looking C2-R1
Idliby, Ranya The Faith Club – A Muslim, A Christian, A Jew — Three Women Search for Understanding C2-R1
InterVarsity Press First Nations Version – An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament C3-R4
Isbouts, Jean-Pierre Jesus – An Illustrated Life C5-R2
Isbouts, Jean-Pierre Who’s Who In the Bible – Unforgettable People and Timeless Stories from Genesis to Revelation C5-R2
Janzen, Janet Lindeblad Songs for Renewal – A devotional guide to the riches of our best-loved songs and hymns C2-R1
Jenkins, Peter The Road Unseen C2-R1
Jewett, Claudia L. Helping Children Cope with Separation and Loss C2-R1
Johnson, Barbara Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death C2-R1
Johnson, Ben Campbell Discerning God’s will C2-R1
Johnson, Earl S. Jr The Presbyterian Deacon — An Essential Guide C2-R1
Johnson, Paul A History of Christianity C2-R1
Johnson, Paul The Quest for God C2-R1
Johnson, William Stacy John Calvin, Reformer for the 21st Century C2-R1
Johnstone, Patrick Operation World C2-R1
Jones, Elena, C. The Magic of God C2-R1
Jones, Thomas C. Words for Today C3-R6
Jourard, Sidney M. The Transparent Self C2-R1
Joy, Charles R. Harper’s Topical Concordance C4-R4
Judy, Dwight H. A Quiet Pentecost – Inviting the Spirit into Congregational Life C2-R1
Kalajainen, Larry R. Psalms for the Journey – The Lord’s Song in Ordinary Time C5-R2
Kalan, Gerard Daily Devotions – Wisdom from the Bible to Light Your Way C3-R6
Karssen, Gien Her Name Is Woman – Book 1 — 24 Women of the Bible C2-R2
Katz, Pat Sandcastles and Snowflakes – 40 Innovative and Creative Art Activities for Children Ages 2-7 C2-R2
Keay, Kathy Laughter, Silence and Shouting – An Anthology of Women’s Prayers C2-R2
Keller, Timothy The Prodigal God – Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith C2-R2
Keller, Timothy The Reason for God – Belief in an Age of Skepticism C2-R2
Keller, W. Phillip A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 C2-R2
Keller, W. Phillip Layman Looks at the Love of God C2-R2
Keller, W. Phillip Still Waters C2-R2
Kelly, Marcia M. One Hundred Graces C3-R6
Kenny, James Caring for Your Aging Parent C2-R2
Kent, Homer A. The Epistle to the Hebrews C2-R2
Kierkegaard, Soren A Kierkegaard Anthology C2-R2
Kinkade, Thomas Come Let Us Adore Him C2-R2
Kluber, George. K. On Holy Ground – A One-Year Communicant Course Designed for Presbyterian Churches C5-R3
Klug, Lyn All Will Be Well – A Gathering of Healing Prayers C3-R6
Knight, George A. F. Psalms – Volume 1 C2-R2
Knight, George A. F. Psalms – Volume 2 C2-R2
Kohl, MaryAnn F. Mudworks – Creative Clay, Dough, and Modeling Experiences C2-R2
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth Life Lessons – Two Experts on Death and Dying Teach Us About the Mysteries of Life and Living C2-R2
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth Living with Death and Dying C2-R2
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth On Death and Dying C2-R2
Kushner, Harold When All You’Ve Ever Wanted Isn’t Enough C2-R2
Kushner, Harold When Bad Things Happen to Good People C2-R2
Kushner, Harold Who Needs God C2-R2
Lamott, Anne Hallelujah Anyway – Rediscovering Mercy C2-R2
Landorf, Joyce Monday through Saturday C2-R2
Lane, A.N.S. Harper’s Concise Book of Christian Faith C2-R2
Larson, Bruce The Presence – The God Who Delivers and Guides C2-R2
Larson, Bruce The Relational Revolution – An Invitation to Discover an Exciting Future for Our Life Together C2-R2
Laurie, Greg Walking with Jesus – Daily Inspiration From The Gospel of John C2-R2
Lawrence, Brother The Practice of the Presence of God C2-R2
Lawson, Douglas M. Give to Live – How Giving Can Change Your Life C2-R2
Laymon, Charles M. The Interpreter’s One Volume Commentary on the Bible C4-R3
Laymon, Charles M. The Lord’s Prayer In Its Biblical Setting C2-R2
Le Guin, Ursula K. Dancing at the Edge of the World – Thoughts on Words, Women, Places C2-R2
Leas, Speed B. Leadership and Conflict C2-R2
Lebacqz, Karen Word, Worship, World, and Wonder – Reflections on Christian Living C2-R2
Leman, Kevin Have a New Kid By Friday – How to Change Your Child’s Attitude, Behavior, and Character in 5 Days C2-R2
L’Engle, Madeleine Glimpses of Grace – Daily Thoughts and Reflections C2-R2
L’Engle, Madeleine Miracle on 10th Street and Other Christmas Writings C2-R2
Levine, Amy-Jill The Historical Jesus in Context C2-R2
Levine, Amy-Jill The Misunderstood Jew – The Church and the Scandal of the Jewish Jesus C2-R2
Lewis, C. S. Letters To An American Lady C2-R2
Lewis, C. S. Mere Christianity C2-R2
Lewis, C. S. Readings for Meditation and Reflection C2-R2
Lewis, C. S. Reflections on the Psalms C2-R2
Lewis, C. S. The Inspirational Writings of C.S. Lewis C2-R2
Lewis, C. S. The Problem of Pain C2-R2
Lewis, C. S. The Weight of Glory C2-R2
Lewis, C. S. The World’s Last Night – and Other Essays C2-R2
Life, Editors of Places of the Bible – A Photographic Pilgrimage in the Holy Land C5-R2
Lilly, Eil and Company Lilly Oncology on Canvas – Expressions of a Cancer Journey C5-R2
Limburg, James Hosea – Micah — Interpretation, a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching C2-R3
Linder, Patricia The Lady and the Tiger – A memoir of Taiwan, the Republic of China C2-R3
Linthicum, Robert Transforming Power – Biblical Strategies for Making a Difference in Your Community C2-R3
Littauer, Florence Silver Boxes – The Gift of Encouragement C2-R3
Lotz, Anne Graham Just Give Me Jesus C2-R3
Lotz, Anne Graham Why? Trusting God When You Don’t Understand C2-R3
Lucado, Max Book of Ephesians — Where You Belong C2-R3
Lucado, Max No Wonder They Call Him the Savior C2-R3
Lucado, Max The Gift for All People – Thoughts on God’s Great Grace C2-R3
Lucado, Max The Story – The Bible As One Continuing Story of God and His People C5-R2
Lucado, Max Turn – Remembering Our Foundations C2-R3
Lupton, Robert D. Toxic Charity – How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help and How to Reverse It C2-R3
Lutzer, Erwin W. Getting to No – How to Break a Stubborn Habit C2-R3
Lyons, Gabe The Next Christians – The Good News About the End of Christian America C2-R3
Macartney, Clarence E. Twelve Great Questions About Christ C2-R3
Mace, Nancy L. The 36-Hour Day — A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Related Dementias, and Memory Loss C2-R3
MacLennan, David Alexander Let’s Take Another Look – Basic Beliefs Reinterpreted C2-R3
Madow M.D., Leo Anger C2-R3
Mann, Alice Raising the Roof – The Pastoral-to-Program Size Transition C2-R3
Marion, Jim Putting on the Mind of Christ – The Inner Work of Christian Spirituality C2-R3
Martin, Colby Unclobber C2-R3
Maus, Cynthia Pearl Christ and the Fine Arts – An Anthology of Pictures, Poetry, Music, and Stories Centering in the Life of Christ C2-R3
Mayhall, Cheron Joy Marshaling Support to Survive Breast Cancer – Self-talk, Girl-talk, Doctor-talk — A Memoir C2-R3
Mayhall, Cheron Joy The Bridge Is Love – A Journey Through Grief To Joy After the Death of a Child C2-R3
Mays, James L. Leviticus – Numbers C2-R3
McCosker, Karen A Poem a Day C2-R3
McKim, Donald K. Introducing the Reformed Faith – Biblical Revelation, Christian Tradition, Contemporary Significance C2-R3
McKim, Donald K. More Presbyterian Questions, More Presbyterian Answers – Exploring Christian Faith C2-R3
McKim, Donald K. Presbyterian Beliefs – A Brief Introduction C2-R3
McKim, Donald K. Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers – Exploring Christian Faith C2-R3
McKim, LindaJo H. The Presbyterian Hymnal Companion C5-R1
McLaren, Brian D. A Generous Orthodoxy C2-R3
McLaren, Brian D. Everything Must Change – Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope C2-R3
McNulty, Edward N. Faith and Film – A Guidebook for Leaders C2-R3
Mead, Frank S. The Encyclopedia of Religious Quotations C4-R3
Mears, Henrietta C. What the Bible Is All About C2-R3
Melander, Rochelle Growing Together – Spiritual Exercises for Church Committees C2-R3
Merton, Thomas No Man Is An Island C2-R3
Messer, Donald E. Names, Not Just Numbers – Facing Global AIDS and World Hunger C2-R3
Metzgar, Margaret A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance – Help for the Losses in Life C5-R2
Metzger, Bruce M. Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek C2-R3
Meyer, Joyce Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive – Learn How to Take Control of Your Life Through Forgiveness C2-R3
Middendorf, Jesse C. Lenten Postcards – Daily Devotions Inspired by The Book of Common Prayer C3-R6
Miles, Jack Christ – A Crisis in the Life of God C2-R4
Miller, Calvin The Philippian Fragment C2-R4
Miller, Darrow Discipling Nations – The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures C2-R4
Miller, Donald G. The Gospel According to Luke – The Layman’s Bible Commentary C2-R4
Miller, Jamie C. Heavenly Miracles – Magical True Stories of Guardian Angels and Answered Prayers C2-R4
Miller, Kristine Bounty – Ten Ways To Increase Giving At Your Church C2-R4
Miller, Paul The Fruit of the Spirit is Joy C3-R6
Minear, Paul The Gospel According to Mark – The Layman’s Bible Commentary C2-R4
Moore, Thomas Care of the Soul – A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life C2-R4
Moore, Thomas Soul Mates – Honoring the Mystery of Love and Relationship C2-R4
Moore, Thomas Writing In The Sand – Jesus, Spirituality, and the Soul of the Gospels C2-R4
Morledge, Richard A. Its a Great Day in the Kingdom C2-R4
Morrison, James Dalton Masterpieces of Religious Verse C4-R4
Mortenson, Greg Stones into Schools – Promoting Peace with Education in Afghanistan and Pakistan C2-R4
Moses, Lee Hull More than Enough – Living Abundantly in a Culture of Excess C2-R4
Mosteller, Sue Light Through the Crack – Life After Loss C2-R4
MSPC Cooking with Joy – A Collection of Recipes by MSPC C2-R4
Muir, John Trails of Wonder – Writings On Nature and Man C2-R4
Munroe, Brad Praying Luke – The Gospel in Voice and Vision C2-R4
Munroe, Brad Rhythms of the God-Life — Romans to Revations Through Paraphrase, Poetry, and Prayer C2-R4
Murray, Andrew Ministry of Intercessory Prayer C2-R4
Musser, Donald W. New and Enlarged Handbook of Christian Theology C2-R4
Myers, Jacob Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah – The Layman’s Bible Commentaries C2-R4
National Geographic Everyday Life in Bible Times C5-R2
Nave, Orville J. Nave’s Topical Bible – A Digest of the Holy Scriptures C4-R2
Navigators John – A Navpress Bible Study on the Book of John — Lifechange Series C5-R2
Naylor, Thomas H. The Search for Meaning C2-R4
Newmann, Dana The Early Childhood Teacher’s Almanac C2-R4
Newsom, Carol A. The Women’s Bible Commentary C2-R4
Nicholi, Armand The Question of God – C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God, Love, Sex, and the Meaning of Life C2-R4
Niebuhr, Hulda The One Story C2-R4
Niebuhr, Reinhold Moral Man and Immoral Society – A Study of Ethics and Politics C2-R4
Nixon, Paul Fling Open the Doors – Giving the Church Away to the Community C2-R4
Noonan, Nell E. Not Alone – Encouragement for Caregivers C2-R4
Normile, Patti Prayers for Caregivers C2-R4
Norris, Kathleen Amazing Grace – A Vocabulary of Faith C2-R4
Norris, Kathleen The Cloister Walk C2-R4
Northcott, Cecil People of the Bible C5-R2
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Can You Drink the Cup? C2-R4
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Clowning in Rome – Reflections on Solitude, Celibacy, Prayer, and Contemplation C2-R4
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Lent and Easter Wisdom from Henri J. M. Nouwen – Daily Scripture and Prayers Together with Nouwen’s Own Words C2-R4
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Life of the Beloved – Spiritual Living in a Secular World C2-R4
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Our Greatest Gift – A Meditation on Dying and Caring C2-R4
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Reaching Out – The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life C2-R4
Nouwen, Henri J. M. The Inner Voice of Love – A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom C2-R4
Nouwen, Henri J. M. The Return of the Prodigal Son – A Story of Homecoming C2-R4
Nouwen, Henri J. M. The Way of the Heart – Desert Spirituality and Contemporary Ministry C2-R4
Nouwen, Henri J. M. With Open Hands C2-R4
Nunnally-Cox, Janice Fore-Mothers — Women of the Bible C2-R4
NVOAD, Inc. Light Our Way – A Guide for Spiritual Care in Times of Disaster C2-R4
Oberman, Heiko A. Luther – Man Between God and the Devine C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Ask Him Anything C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Autobiography of God C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Drumbeat of Love C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Enjoying God C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Falling Into Greatness C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Freedom in the Spirit C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Let God Love You C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Lord of the Impossible C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Lord of the Loose Ends – The Secret of Getting Your Life Under Control C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. Praying With Power C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. The Bush Is Still Burning – The Christ Who Makes Things Happen In Our Deepest Needs C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. The Magnificent Vision – Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Christ C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. The Other Jesus C2-R5
Ogilvie, Lloyd J. When God First Thought of You C2-R5
Omartian, Stormie 7 Prayers That Will Change Your Life Forever C2-R5
Ortberg, John Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them C2-R5
Ortberg, John God Is Closer Than You Think C2-R5
Ortberg, John If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat C2-R5
Ortberg, John Pursuing Spiritual Transformation – Pursuing Spirit Trans/Fully Devoted — Living C2-R5
Osbeck, Kenneth W. Amazing Grace — 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions C2-R5
Osborne, John Luther C2-R5
Oxford Univerisity Press The New English Bible – With Apocrypha C4-R1
Oxford Univerisity Press The New Oxford Annotated Bible – with the Apocryphal / Deuterocononical Books C5-R1
Pagels, Elaine Adam, Eve, and the Serpent – Sex and Politics in Early Christianity C2-R5
Pagels, Elaine Beyond Belief – The Secret Gospel of Thomas C2-R5
Pagels, Elaine The Origin of Satan – How Christians Demonized Jews, Pagans, and Heretics C2-R5
Pagels, Elaine Why Religion?  A Personal Story C2-R5
Paintner, Christine Valters Lectio Divina – The Sacred Art — Transforming Words and Images into Heart-Centered Prayer C2-R5
Palmer, Robert E. Our Prayer C2-R5
Pannenberg, Wolfhart The Apostles’ Creed – In the Light of Today’s Questions C2-R5
Pardue, Austin Prayer Works C2-R5
Partner, Daniel The Wonder of Christmas – Fifty Meditations on the Birth of Christ C3-R6
Patella, Michael The Gospel According to Luke C2-R5
Patterson, Ben The Grand Essentials C2-R5
Patterson, Ben Waiting – Finding Hope When God Seems Silent C2-R5
Paul, John Pope Gift and Mystery C2-R6
Paulson, Steve Church Signs Across America C4-R3
Pausch, Randy The Last Lecture C2-R5
Peace, Richard Small Group Evangelism – A Training Program for Reaching Out With the Gospel C2-R5
Peale, Norman Vincent A Treasury of Courage and Confidence C2-R6
Peale, Norman Vincent Have a Great Day – Every Day! C2-R5
Peale, Norman Vincent In God We Trust C2-R5
Peale, Norman Vincent Power of the Plus Factor C2-R5
Peale, Norman Vincent Stay Alive All Your Life C2-R6
Peale, Norman Vincent The True Joy of Positive Living: An Autobiography C2-R6
Peale, Norman Vincent Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results C2-R6
Peale, Norman Vincent Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results C2-R6
Peate, Wayne Listening With Your Heart – Lessons from Native America C2-R6
Peck, M. Scott Further Along the Road Less Traveled – The Unending Journey Toward Spiritual Growth C2-R6
Peterson, Eugene H. A Long Obedience in the Same Direction – Discipleship In an Instant Society C2-R6
Peterson, Eugene H. The Power of a Prayer C2-R6
Peterson, Eugene H. The Message – New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs C5-R1
Phillips, J.B. The New Testament in Modern English C5-R1
Pilgrim, Peace Peace Pilgrim – Her Life and Work In Her Own Words C2-R6
Piper, Debbie I’m a Christian, Now What? C2-R6
Pipher, Mary Writing to Change the World C2-R6
Post, Gregory The Feast – Reflections on the Bread of Life C2-R6
Powell, John He Touched Me – My Pilgrimage of Prayer C2-R6
Powell, John Will the Real Me Please Stand Up? C2-R6
Presbyterian Church (USA) Directory for Worship – PC(USA) — Binder C4-R4
Presbyterian Church (USA) The Book of Confessions C2-R6
Presbyterian Women PC(USA) Psalms – A Calendar and Journal for Reflection and Prayer C3-R6
Price, Carl E. Through Other Eyes – Vivid Narratives of Some of the Bible’s Most Notable Characters C2-R6
Quindlen, Anna Blessings C2-R6
Radcliffe, Lynn J. Making Prayer Real C2-R6
Reader’s Digest Atlas of the Bible C5-R2
Reader’s Digest Great People of the Bible and How They Lived C5-R2
Reader’s Digest Who’s Who in the Bible – An Illustrated Biographical Dictionary C5-R2
Redfield, James The Celestine Prophecy – An Adventure C2-R6
Rhodes, Arnold The Book of Psalms C2-R6
Rhodes, Arnold Black The Mighty Acts of God C2-R6
Ribble, John The Hymnbook – The Red Hymnal, PC(USA), Reformed Church in America C5-R1
Richards, Larry Remarriage – A Healing Gift from God C2-R6
Richards, Lawrence O. A Theology of Church Leadership C2-R6
Richards, Lawrence O. The Revell Bible Dictionary C4-R2
Richardson, Alan A Theological Word Book of the Bible C5-R2
Richardson, Jan L. Sacred Journeys – A Woman’s Book of Daily Prayer C2-R6
Richter, Don C. Mission Trips That Matter – Embodied Faith for the Sake of the World C2-R6
Rives, Janet McMillan Into This Sea of Green –  Poems from the Prairie C2-R6
Rives, Janet McMillan Washed by a Summer Rain – Poems from the Desert C2-R6
Robeck, Nesta De The Life of St. Francis of Assisi C2-R6
Roberts, David E. Existentialism and Religious Belief C2-R6
Roberts, Elizabeth Earth Prayers – 365 Prayers, Poems, and Invocations from Around the World C3-R6
Robinson, Barbara The Best Christmas Pageant Ever C2-R6
Robinson, Gene In the Eye of the Storm – Swept to the Center by God C2-R6
Robinson, Thomas The Bible Timeline C5-R2
Rodiger, Georgiana G. The Miracle of Therapy – A Layperson’s Guide to the Mysteries of Christian Psychology C2-R6
Roeske, Cornelia Nursery School and Kindergarden Finger Games with Sheet Music C2-R6
Rogers, Harold Learning to Listen, Lord C2-R6
Rogers, Isabel Toward A Liberating Faith – A Primer on Feminist Theology C2-R6
Rogers, Jack Presbyterian Creeds – A Guide to the Book of Confessions C2-R6
Rogers, Jack Reading the Bible and the Confessions – The Presbyterian Way C2-R6
Rohr, Richard The Divine Dance – The Trinity and Your Transformation C2-R6
Ryan, M. J. A Grateful Heart C3-R6
Ryrie, Charles Caldwell Dispensationalism Today C2-R6
Sanders, Catherine M. Surviving Grief…and Learning to Live Again C3-R1
Sandlin, John Lewis Graces and Prayers C3-R1
Sansom, William A Book of Christmas. C5-R2
Sapp, Stephen Full of Years – Aging and the Elderly in the Bible and Today C3-R1
Schaller, Lyle E. 44 Ways to Increase Church Attendance C3-R1
Schaller, Lyle E. Assimilating New Members C3-R1
Scharper, Philip The Gospel in Art By the Peasants of Solentiname C3-R1
Schmidt, Frederick W. What God Wants for Your Life – Finding Answers to the Deepest Questions C3-R1
Schroeder, John D. How to Start and Sustain a Faith-Based Small Group C3-R1
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Schuller, Robert H. Positive Prayers for Power-Filled Living C3-R1
Schuller, Robert H. Prayer – My Soul’s Adventure With God C3-R1
Schuller, Robert H. Tough Minded Faith for Tender Hearted People C3-R1
Schuller, Robert H. Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do! C3-R1
Schuller, Robert Harold Believe in the God Who Believes in You C3-R1
Schwalbe, Will The End of Your Life Book Club C3-R1
Scott, E.F. Lord’s Prayer – Its Character, Purpose, and Interpretation C3-R1
Seamands, David A. Healing for Damaged Emotions C3-R1
Seay, Chris A Place at the Table – 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor C3-R1
Shanklin, Imelda Octavia What Are You? C3-R1
Shanks, Hershel Ancient Israel – A Short History from Abraham to the Roman Destruction of the Temple C3-R1
Shedd, Charlie W. How to Make People Really Feel Loved…and Other Life-Giving Observations C3-R1
Shepherd, Barrie J. Prayers from the Mount C3-R1
Shepherd, J. Barrie Seeing with the Soul C3-R1
Shetler, Joanne And the Word Came With Power – How God Met and Changed a People Forever C3-R1
Shirer, William L. Gandhi – A Memoir C3-R1
Short, Robert L. The Parables of Peanuts C3-R1
Siegel, Bernie S. Love, Medicine, and Miracles – Lessons Learned about Self-Healing from a Surgeon’s Experience with Exceptional Patients C3-R1
Siegel, Bernie S. Peace, Love, and Healing – Bodymind Communication and the Path to Self-Healing — An Exploration C3-R1
Silverman, Sue William Fearless Confessions – A Writer’s Guide to Memoir C3-R1
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Sims, Albert E. Who’s Who In The Bible C5-R2
Sittser, Jerry A Grace Disguised – How the Soul Grows Through Loss C3-R1
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Small, Joseph D. Fire and Wind – The Holy Spirit in the Church Today C3-R1
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Smedes, Lewis B. The Art of Forgiving C3-R1
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Smith, Harold Ivan Finding Your Way to Say Goodbye – Comfort for the Dying and Those Who Care for Them C3-R1
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Smith, Joseph The Book of Mormon – Another Testament of Jesus C3-R1
Smith, Stephen Saving Salvation – The Amazing Evolution Of Grace C3-R1
Smyth, Bernard T. Paul – Mystic and Missionary C3-R1
Soc El Nuevo Testamento – Nueva Version Internacional (En Espanol) C5-R1
Solly, Richard Journey Notes C3-R2
Sparrow, G. Scott I Am with You Always C3-R2
Spence, Linda Legacy – A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Personal History C3-R2
Spong, John Shelby Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism – A Bishop Rethinks the Meaning of Scripture C3-R2
Spong, John Shelby Resurrection – Myth or Reality? C3-R2
Sproul, R. C. The Holiness of God C3-R2
Sproul, R. C. The Mystery of the Holy Spirit C3-R2
Sproul, R. C. The Prayer of the Lord C3-R2
Spurgeon, C. H. Sermons on the Gospel of John C3-R2
Spurgeon, Charles Finding Peace in Life’s Storms C3-R2
Srode, Molly Creating a Spiritual Retirement – A Guide to the Unseen Possibilities in Our Lives C3-R2
Srubas, Rachel M. City of Prayer – 40 Days with Desert Christians C3-R2
Srubas, Rachel M. Oblation – Meditations on St. Benedict’s Rule C3-R2
St. James, Elaine Inner Simplicity – 100 Ways to Regain Peace and Nourish Your Soul C3-R6
Stanley, Charles F. God is in Control C3-R2
Stanley, Charles F. Handbook for Christian Living – Biblical Answers to Life’s Tough Questions C3-R2
Starbird, Margaret The Woman with the Alabaster Jar – Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail C3-R2
Stearns, Richard The Hole in Our Gospel – The Answer that Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World C3-R2
Stedman, Ray C. Folk Psalms of Faith C3-R2
Steele, David History, Herstory, Ourstory – From Adam to Abraham C3-R2
Steer, Roger J. Hudson Taylor – A Man In Christ C3-R2
Steinke, Peter L. Dealing With Your Discontent – How to Overcome Dissatisfaction C3-R2
Stephens, John Underwood A Simple Guide to Prayer C3-R2
Stetzer, Ed Transformational Church – Creating a New Scorecard for Congregations C3-R2
Stewart, Dorothy Women of Prayer – An Anthology of Everyday Prayers from Women Around the World C3-R6
Stewart, James S. The Wind of the Spirit C3-R2
Stocker, Mortimer Menville Adventure in Religion C3-R2
Stott, John R. W. Basic Christianity C3-R2
Stott, John R. W. Understanding the Bible C3-R2
Strong, James The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bibile C4-R2
Strupp, Phyllis The Richest of Fare – Seeking Spiritual Security in the Sonoran Desert C3-R2
Sullivan, Deidre What do We Mean When We Say God? C3-R2
Susanka, Sarah The Not So Big Life – Making Room for What Really Matters C3-R2
Swindoll, Charles R. David – A Man of Passion and Destiny C3-R2
Swindoll, Charles R. Moses – The Man of Selfless Dedication C3-R2
Swindoll, Charles R. Rise and Shine – A Wake-Up Call C3-R2
Swindoll, Charles R. Strengthening Your Grip C3-R2
Swindoll, Charles R. The Lamentations of Jeremiah C3-R2
Swindoll, Charles R. The Quest for Character C3-R2
Swindoll, Charles R. Wisdom For The Way – Wise Words For Busy People C3-R2
Tada, Joni Eareckson Heaven – Your Real Home C3-R3
Tada, Joni Eareckson When God Weeps C3-R3
Tada, Joni Eareckson When Is It Right to Die? Suicide, Euthanasia, Suffering, Mercy C3-R3
Taulbert, Clifton L. Eight Habits of the Heart – The Timeless Values that Build Strong Communities C3-R3
Taylor, B. B. Luminous Web C3-R3
Taylor, Eldon I Believe – When What You Believe Matters! (with CD inside book cover) C3-R3
TerKeurst, Lysa What Happens When Women Walk in Faith – Trusting God Takes You to Amazing Places C3-R3
Theissen, Gerd The Shadow of the Galilean – The Quest of the Historical Jesus in Narrative Form C3-R3
Thompson, Bernard Good Samaritan Faith – A Strategy For Meeting Needs In Your Community C3-R3
Thompson, Helen Milagros – A Book of Miracles C3-R3
Thompson, Marjorie J. Forgiveness – A Lenten Study C3-R3
Thompson, Marjorie J. Soul Feast – An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life C3-R3
Thompson, Marjorie J. Soul Feast – An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life — Newely Revised Edition C3-R3
Thurman, Robert A. F. Essential Tibetan Buddhism C3-R3
Tickle, Phyllis Embracing Emergence Christianity C3-R3
Tickle, Phyllis Embracing Emergence Christianity – Phyllis Tickle on the Church’s Next Rummage Sale C3-R3
Tickle, Phyllis The Great Emergence – How Christianity Is Changing and Why C3-R3
Tickle, Phyllis The Shaping of a Life – A Spiritual Landscape C3-R3
Tickle, Phyllis A. God Talk in America C3-R3
Tillich, Paul Eternal Now C3-R3
Tillich, Paul The Courage to Be C3-R3
Toibin, Colm The Testament of Mary C3-R3
Tourn, Giorgio You Are My Witnesses – The Waldensians Across Eight C3-R3
Townley, Ed Kingdom Come – Understanding the Book of Revelation C3-R3
Trible, Phyllis Texts of Terror – Literary-Feminist Readings of Biblical Narratives C3-R3
Trigilio, Rev. John Jr. The Everything Bible Book C5-R2
Twerski, Abraham J. Waking up Just in Time – A Therapist Shows How to use the Twelve Steps Approach to Life’s Ups and Downs C3-R3
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. The One Year Bible – The Entire New International Version Arranged in 365 Daily Readings C5-R1
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. The One Year New Testament – The Living Bible, a Thought-For-Thought Translation C5-R1
Vanauken, Sheldon A Severe Mercy C3-R3
Vanier, Jean Becoming Human C3-R3
Vennard, Jane E. Praying with Body and Soul C3-R3
Ver Straten, Charles A. A Caring Church C3-R3
Viorst, Judith Necessary Losses C3-R3
Viscott, M.D. David The Language of Feelings C3-R3
W Publishing Group 100 Favorite Bible Verses C3-R6
Wallis, Jim God’s Politics – Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It C3-R4
Walsch, Neale Donald Conversations with God – An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1) C3-R4
Warren, Rick The Purpose-Driven Life – What on Earth Am I Here For? C3-R4
Warren, Rick The Purpose-Driven Life Journal — Reflections on “What on Earth Am I Here For?” C3-R4
Watts, Wayne The Gift of Giving C3-R4
Weeks, Andrew D. Welcome! Tools and Techniques for New Member Ministry C3-R4
Weems, Ann Kneeling in Bethlehem C3-R4
Weems, Ann Kneeling in Jerusalem C3-R4
Weems, Ann Reaching for Rainbows – Resources for Creative Worship C3-R4
Weems, Renita J. Battered Love – Marriage, Sex, and Violence in the Hebrew Prophets C3-R4
Weiss, Robert S. Marital Separation C3-R4
Welter, Paul How to Help a Friend C3-R4
Westminster John Knox Press Book of Common Worship – Daily Prayer Coffee table
Westminster John Knox Press Sing the Faith – Pew Edition C5-R1
Westminster John Knox Press Westminster Historical Maps of Bible Lands C5-R2
Weyler, Rex The Jesus Sayings – The Quest for His Authentic Message C3-R4
Whalin, Terry Samuel Morris – The Apostle of Simple Faith C3-R4
White, Reginald E.O. Beneath The Cross of Jesus C3-R4
Whiteman, Thomas, A. Be Your Own Best Friend C3-R4
Wiederkehr, Macrina Abide – Keeping Vigil with the Word of God C3-R4
Wierenga, Dirk Presbyterians – A Spiritual Journey C5-R2
Wiersbe, Warren God Isn’t In a Hurry C3-R4
Wiesel, Elie Night C3-R4
Wilber, Ken The Marriage of Sense and Soul – Integrating Science and Religion C3-R4
Wilkinson, Bruce Talk Thru the New Testament (Talk Thru the Bible, Vol. 2) C3-R4
Wilkinson, Bruce H. Talk Through the Old Testament C3-R4
Wilkinson, Bruce H. Talk Thru the Bible – A Quick Guide to Help You Get More Out of the Bible C3-R4
Wilkinson, Bruce H. The Prayer of Jabez – Breaking Through to the Blessed Life C3-R4
Williams, Jay G. Understanding the Old Testament C3-R4
Williamson, Lamar Mark C3-R4
Williamson, Marianne Everyday Grace – Having Hope, Finding Forgiveness, and Making Miracles C3-R4
Willimon, William H. Reading with Deeper Eyes – The Love of Literature and the Life of Faith C3-R4
Wilson, Lois Like a Mighty River C3-R4
Wilson, Lois Turning the World Upside Down C3-R4
Wilson, Lois Miriam Telling Her Story – Theology Out of Women’s Struggles C3-R4
Wink, Walter Transforming Bible Study – A Leader’s Guide C3-R4
Winn, Albert C. Acts of the Apostles, Vol 20 C3-R4
Winter, Miriam Therese The Gospel According to Mary C3-R4
Winter, Miriam Therese Woman Wisdom, Part One – A Feminist Lectionary and Psalter Women of the Hebrew Scripture C3-R4
Winter, Miriam Therese Womanwitness – A Feminist Lectionary and Psalter Women of the Hebrew Scriptures — Part Two C3-R4
Winters, Rita The Green Desert – A Silent Retreat C3-R4
Wolf, Molly A Place Like Any Other C3-R4
Wolfelt, Alan D. Understanding Your Grief – Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart C3-R4
Word Music The Celebration Hymnal – Songs and Hymns for Worship C5-R1
Wright, G. The Book of the Acts of God C3-R4
Wright, N. T. The Way of the Lord C3-R4
Wright, Wendy M. Sacred Dwelling – A Spirituality of Family Life C3-R4
Wuellner, Flora Slosson Miracle – When Christ Touches Our Deepest Need C3-R4
Yancey, Philip Soul Survivor – How My Faith Survived the Church C3-R5
Yancey, Philip The Bible Jesus Read C3-R5
Yancey, Philip The Bible Jesus Read – An Eight-Session Exploration of the Old Testament C3-R5
Yancey, Philip The Jesus I Never Knew — Participant’s Guide C3-R5
Yancey, Philip What Good Is God? — In Search of a Faith That Matters C3-R5
Yancey, Philip What’s So Amazing About Grace? C3-R5
Yancey, Philip Whats So Amazing About Grace? — Participants Guide C3-R5
Yancey, Philip Where is God When it Hurts? C3-R5
Young, Robert Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Bible C4-R3
Youngman, Bernard R. The Lands and Peoples of the Living Bible – A Narrative History of the Old and New Testaments C5-R2
Zinsser, William Spiritual Quests – The Art and Craft of Religious Writing — Writer’s Craft Series C5-R2
Zondervan Publishing House Bible Promises For You — New International Version C3-R6
Zondervan Publishing House Daily Prayers – NIV C3-R6
Zondervan Publishing House The Holy Bible — New Revised Standard Version — Containing the Old and New Testaments C5-R1
Zondervan Publishing House The Holy Bible — New Revised Standard Version — Containing the Old and New Testaments — MSPC Pew Version C5-R1
Zondervan Publishing House The Layman’s Parallel Bible C5-R1
Zondervan Publishing House TNIV New Testament C5-R1
Zuck, Roy B. Adult Education in the Church C3-R5
Total Arranged Books in the Five Cabinets = 825
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