Church COVID Guidelines

 Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church Updated COVID Guidelines

Effective 8/12/2021

 The Session approved guidelines in May which allowed for small group gatherings and no masks if all present were fully vaccinated or the event was outdoors. In the past month, the US has been hit with the Delta variant of COVID 19.  It is causing hospitalizations and deaths at rates not seen in months. Especially vulnerable are the immune compromised, the unvaccinated and children.  The Session reviews all local public health and CDC guidelines regularly. At this time, there are significant changes in risks for transmission which has led to a change in masking recommendations.

Effective immediately, it is recommended that all individuals meeting for church business in an indoor setting, wear a mask. This is important regardless of your vaccination status. Why? What follows is a summary of the CDC update on the Delta variant.

  • The Delta variant causes more infections and spreads more quickly than earlier strains of the COVID 19 virus.
  • The Delta variant is nearly twice as contagious.
  • This variant may cause more severe illness than prior strains for unvaccinated individuals.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals who contract the Delta variant as a breakthrough infection can spread it to others.
  • The COVID 19 vaccines administered in the US are highly effective at preventing severe illness and death, even with the Delta variant.

What does this mean for us as MSPC congregants?  It means that we need to wear a mask in ANY indoor setting, regardless of our vaccine status. Encourage our friends, families and neighbors to get vaccinated. Seek care immediately if you exhibit any symptoms of COVID 19 or have been exposed to someone with it. There are still no changes to guidelines for in person worship. The Session continues to monitor the situation closely.


 The following guidelines have been updated and replaced by the preceding guidelines (8/12/21)New Session Guidelines for in person gatherings page 1 cropped

New Session Guidelines for in person gatherings page 2 cropped

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