Collecting Recyclables

Be a part of the Communications Ministry Team (CMT) Green Living Initiative by becoming a Green Living volunteer.

Monthly, the Green Living volunteer will collect the church’s recyclables and take the recyclables home for placing in their home recycling bin. 

  • Only one Green Living volunteer is needed each month.
    • A sign-up sheet is available during Fellowship. Add your name to the month(s) you want to volunteer to collect the recyclables from the church. You will only need to collect the materials once monthly, at the end of the month.
  • The recyclables will be in a marked recycling bin under the ramada lined with a plastic bag.
    • Even though the bag is made of recycled material, the local recycling company (Waste Management) does not accept any plastic bags.  Apparently, the plastic bags mess up the machinery at the recycling facility. Thus, when you get home, dump the recyclables out of the plastic bag into the home recycling bin.  You can repurpose the bag.

Feel good about reducing the carbon footprint and helping to care for God’s creation.  Doing so helps also helps to reduce cost to the church.

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