Covenant Network of Presbyterians Congregation

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Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church has formally joined with the Covenant Network of Presbyterians as a Covenant Network of Presbyterians congregation.   Here are the steps we took to achieve this milestone —

  • 8-30-23 — The Session approved a motion for the Mission Ministry Team to pursue Mountain Shadows becoming a More Light Church, joining the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, and becoming a Matthew 25 Congregation.
  • Publishing articles in both the Saddlebag Notes and Arizona Daily Star newspapers that reference our efforts in addressing equity for LGBTQIA+ people in church and society —
  • 3-10-24 — Invited a representative of the Board of Directors of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians (Rev. Dr. Alex Hendrickson (she/her)) to be a guest preacher during a regularly scheduled 10:00 AM worship service.  See the March 10 YouTube recording of the service that includes the guest sermon.
  • 3-10-24 — Hosted a congregational presentation to engage, educate, and equip us to expand our welcome of LGBTQIA+ people following worship and fellowship.  In the question and answer forum, the congregation actively interacted with Rev. Dr. Alex Hendrickson (she/her).  The following handouts were made available —
  • 3-20-24 — The Session voted unanimously for Mountain Shadows to join the Covenant Network of Presbyterians.
  • 3-21-24 — Mountain Shadows updated its monthly advertisement in the Saddlebag Notes and Arizona Daily Star to include logos and statements about both Matthew 25 and Covenant Network of Presbyterians.
  • 3-24-24 — Pastor Rachel Srubas announced to the congregation during worship that the Session had approved the joining of Mountain Shadows as a Covenant Network of Presbyterians congregation; the congregation responded with applause.