Creating Recyclables

At church, if you don’t want your worship bulletin after service, throw it in the recycle bin on the ramada. In addition, if you have a beverage during Fellowship, you can either dispose of the recyclable container in the recycle bin or wash the reusable mug for future use.

  • If you have a beverage before/after worship using one of the recyclable cups, rinse out the cup when you are done. Rinsing is easy —
    • After drinking your non-water beverage, rinse the recyclable cup in one of the sinks in the Room #3 (the meeting room). Ensure that there is no visible remnants of the beverage (e.g., coffee, tea, or lemonade) after rinsing.  You don’t have to scrub or use soap to clean the container.  Just rinse out the container with water. Then, dispose of the container in the recycle bin under the ramada.
  • If you use a mug hanging on the Green Living rack, you should wash (not just rinse) the mug and return it to the hanging rack.  NOTE:  Be sure to check the bottom of the mug for a label with another person’s name — if so, use a different mug.
    • Washing requires you to empty the contents of the mug and then apply dish washing soap and water to the interior and the rim of the rug.  The soap bottle is near the sink in Room #3 (the meeting room).  Let the soapy water dwell on the mug for at least 20 seconds (i.e., in your head, hum one verse of the melody to either “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or “Happy Birthday.”).  Wipe the soapy water under running water using a paper towel (also near the sink) and dump out any remaining clean water.  Let the mug air-dry on the Green Living rack.    

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