Director of Music

Charmaine -- October 2022

For Charmaine Piane Dame’s background, here’s her summary of how she became our friend and our wonderfully gifted leader.

I won’t say how many years ago, just many years ago, I attended a private elementary school and was a piano student of the music teacher. I hated what she made me do at my lessons. I had to sing every Mary Poppins song while playing the pieces on the piano! One day not long after the Mary Poppins hits, she took me to the church balcony and my lesson was how to play the organ! Today, I thank her and realize her “meanness” was setting me up for a life of involvement in church music! 

My first jobs in high school were playing for Sunday services at the Congregational, Lutheran, and Catholic churches. Sunday morning began with the first church at 8:00 am followed by the second at 10:00 am, and the third at noon! That continued through college. Fortunately, Missoula, MT was small enough to be able to travel quickly between services. 

Life continued with marriage, children, and the church. Although life changes, the church is constant. My husband moved into eternal life April 2011. I interviewed with Pastor Rachel for the Director of Music position; this also happened to be my wedding anniversary. I cried through most of the interview. I didn’t think I had a chance but God knows where we are to land! I got the job. Since then, I thank God everyday for my job, my spiritual family, and my life at Mountain Shadows. What a gift to always praise God in song. 

“Sing a new song unto the Lord!” Psalm 96

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