The ministry of the Deacon, as set forth in Scripture, is one of compassion and service. Our congregation has been divided among the Deacons into mini parishes. Each member of our church has a Deacon assigned to them.
The Ministry of the Deacons at Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church includes contact with members of their mini parish by cards, home of hospital visits, conversations at church, or by phone calls when the other means are not available.
Their spiritual support may often be strengthened with prayers, either offered or requested, and, with the permission of that mini parish member, passed on to the other Deacons, our Pastor and our Pastor Associate for added support.
The Deacons of Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church are selected because of his or her spiritual character, honesty, brotherly and sisterly love, and sincere compassion.

*Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and to remain compliant with the safety measures implemented at Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church, the Deacons have suspended all direct, person to person, contact with their mini parish members. All contacts are conducted by phone calls, cards or emails. Normal procedures will resume when it is deemed safe by the sessions to do so.


Deacons ZOOM meeting July 20th 2020

Deacons ZOOM July 29th 2020