Facilities / WAVE

The Facilities Ministry Team is dedicated in providing a place of worship that is inviting to all, is clean, safe and provides the appropriate environment for a variety of activities related to the mission of Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church (MSPC). The team ensures that all facilities and equipment are operating properly. We plan for the appropriate maintenance and for upgrades as necessary to respond to the continually evolving missions of Mountain Shadows. Through frequent cleaning and continual review of safety procedures we endeavor to make Mountain Shadows a safe place for the congregation and staff. Through coordination with other ministry teams, we assist their efforts to carry out the goals of the entire church.

In November 2022 the Worship Audio-Visual Experts (WAVE) Team was formed to review MSPC’s audio/visual technology.  One focus of the Team is to strategize needed upgrades related to improving our networking capabilities (e.g., Wi-Fi, streaming, Zoom). 

At the Session meeting held on May 17, 2023, Session approved merging the Health Ministry and the Safety and Preparedness Ministry into one ministry. The Health, Safety, and Preparedness Ministry will focus on a healthy and safe environment for Mountain Shadows.

Placeholder for full name and title of Moderator/Session Elder/Pastor that will oversee, and first name last initial of team members