Green Living Initiative


Our “full” recycle bin for the month of June 2023
  • Check out ways you can help our church be a better steward of God’s environment both while at church and at home. In addition, you can feel good about reducing the carbon footprint and helping to care for God’s creation.
  • Even though you end up exerting extra effort, your initiative will help to eliminate the need for a high emission recycle truck to make a special trip to the church. One less high emission truck on the road will help reduce the carbon footprint even further! 

Secure on-line giving

  • This option is available at any time. In lieu of writing and mailing a check, this option does not require use of a stamp or envelop, nor does it require a vehicle to transport the mailed check to the church and to the bank. Please consider adding an extra 2 % to the total to help offset the processing fee.

PC(USA) “Green Living” publication(s)

Find out what the denomination has to say about the church’s role (and need) to protect God’s creation.

Thanks for helping to protect God’s creation by reducing the amount and types of content ending up in a landfill.