Grief 101

  • May 2024 —
    • At our church, for the Thursdays in May, from 4:15 – 5:45 PM, a five-part series will be offered.  The class will provide participants with a brave and safe space to explore the aspects and impacts of trauma, grief, and loss on our lives.  During the series, we will engage with definitions of grief and loss, the many forms grief and loss can take, the value of learning more and knowing how to “speak grief,” companioning on another, and co-creating a “good mourning” congregation.
    • Exploring and honoring our losses is a sacred experience.
    • The class will be led by Deb Brandt, a new member of Mountain Shadows.  She brings a master’s degree in religious studies, as well as training in grief and death studies.  Deb is a certified grief practitioner and funeral celebrant who envisions the series to be an interactive experience for all participants.  The series will address your questions and thoughts regarding grief and loss.
    • Registration is necessary.  Please register to participate by adding your name to the signup sheet at church or by emailing with “Grief 101” in the subject line.
      • After registering, please send your grief-related questions to  Question content will remain anonymous, but Deb will incorporate your questions and curiosity into class content.