Member Musings

This feature is sponsored by the Communications Ministry Team to help the congregation and visitors get to know us. The musings may be a story based on an event (funny or sad), a testimony on when/how the individual embraced their faith, or a video clip sharing from the heart.  In addition, we are including the names of published works by members and friends of the church.

All of these tellings are expressions of heartfelt thoughts. Our church embraces the act of sharing. Because the content of Member Musings is about specific individuals, the author’s name is included.   

Topics —

  • Musings (most recent, first) —
    • Placeholder — by Charmaine Piane Dame (October 2023)
    • My New Life in Catalina” — by Brian Parker (July 2023)
    • Curious — by Steven Cupo (May 2023)
  • Other forms of expression (e.g., blogs, books, curriculum, and devotionals) —
    • by Barbara Wood Gray
      • Sharing the Song — From One Poet to Another
    • by Brad Munroe
      • CafĂ© Justo:  A Coffee Pilgrimage
      • Great Ends of the Church Bible Studies — Essays
      • LEST
      • LEST Handbook
      • Officer Training (PCUSA)
      • Praying Luke:  The Gospel in Voice and Vision
      • Rhythms of the God-Life: Romans to Revelations though Paraphrase, Poetry, and Prayer
      • The Fifth Gospel:  Advent Devotions in Isaiah
      • The Thrive Project:  Engaging Renewal One Congregation at a Time
      • Waging Peace:  Developing Interpersonal Skills for Conflict Transformation
      • Waging Peace Study Guide
    • by Janet McMillan Rives
      • Into This Sea of Green” — Poems from the Prairie
      • Just Lingering — Poems and Photos (co-edited by Kim McNealy Sosin)
      • Of Mineral and Light — Poems and Photographs of the Southwest (co-edited by Kim McNealy Sosin)
      • Washed by a Summer Rain Poems from the Desert
  • Stewardship video statement —