New Member Information

One of the Mission activities within the Shepherding Ministry is to engage newcomers. Engagement occurs in a way that promotes a sense of belonging. In addition, engagement facilitates building connections with others and within the life of the church and its ministries. Contact the church office for additional inforamtion or follow-up.

Some of the activities include —

  • Visitor follow-up. Usually, visitors can be contacted because of the sign-up process used at our church. We keep a red attendance booklet in every row of chairs in the sanctuary, which is signed by everyone present (including members). This helps others see the names of those sitting nearby.
  • Regular check-ins to answer questions and help visitors become active participants according to their talents and interests.
  • Providing opportunities for education about our church membership either individually or in groups.
    • Generally, becoming a member involves meeting with the pastor in an organized session to explain the church’s membership process and to answer questions about what it means to be a member. In addition, information is gathered as to prior membership or participation in a Presbyterian church or any other spiritual or organized worshipping community. After this session, the pastor arranges a time for the perspective new members to be introduced to the congregation during a worship service. Beforehand, at our church, there is a formal acceptance by the Session to include the member on the official membership roll.
  • Maintaining a church directory of contact information. This information can then be accessed at our on-line secure directory. Additional information includes a picture the assigned deacon.
  • Ordering and disseminating name tags. A sign-up sheet is provided on the sign-up table under the ramada each week.