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  • Congregation in Action & Photo Gallery — See photos and summaries of how our congregation “cares for community.”  Included are postings from Facebook for those not having a personal Facebook account.  
  • Green Living Initiative — Read about ways you can help reduce the carbon footprint while attending church!
  • In Memoriam — See pictures and information about members that have passed into life everlasting. For members in which we have “Find-a-Grave” family tree associations, we’ve included a link.
  • Jazz and Special Music — Find out when the next special music event will be held at Mountain Shadows, or at other venues featuring members of Mountain Shadows (e.g., Oro Valley Jazz Band, Retro 7 Swing Band).   
  • Library inventory of books — Review the book titles available for check-out in our library.  
  • Member Musings — Learn something new about our members that helped them form their personalities, come to their faith, and exhibit their generous spirit.
  • New member information — For visitors and/or new members, find out how to get a name tag, get involved in any of the church’s ministries and programs, and become a member of the church.
  • Newspaper Ads and Articles — See the advertisements and articles published about our church.
  • Oracle Newsletter — Read any of the available newsletters for important updates from our ministry teams and announcements about upcoming events.
  • Palm Cross instructions — You don’t have to wait until Palm Sunday to have your own Palm Cross.  Check out our step-by-step guide and make your own.
  • Prayers to end hunger — Join us in learning more about how to end hunger in the world.  Reflection through prayer, created by the Bread for the World non-profit is one way to actively participate.  
  • Recorded music — Listen to musical selections that are created by our talented musicians, vocalists, and guests for worship services.
  • Recurring events — Find out the special faith-based opportunities our active congregation pursues.
  • Requests for items — Learn about special items needed by our ministry outreach partners and friends.
  • Trafficking in Persons — Learn about the efforts within our church, the PC(USA) Presbyterian Mission, and within the national government to end this tragic situation.  Our own Elder Therese G is actively engaged in increasing awareness about this horrible situation.  Contact the church office for getting in touch with Therese. 

    Reminders — 

    The Acting Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church (USA), The Rev. Bronwen Boswell, has issued a call to prayer in response to the latest Israeli/Palestine conflict:  “We ask the Holy Spirit to intervene to bring calm and reason when vengeance and hatred now appear to have taken control.  Read Rev. Boswell’s entire statement.   


    Weekly update — Check out the summary of this coming week’s worship service focus and of important events.

For almost daily updates and pictures of our active congregation, see our Facebook page. You can access Facebook using your personal user identification and password at the following icon without stepping away from our website.

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