English Language Learners at Amphitheater High School “The road to college is paved with books.”

Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church volunteers continue to work with 9th, 10th, and 11th grade ELL students to accelerate reading proficiency.  Pictured above is librarian Taryn Burlison in front of the Star Wars display, one of the most popular reading topics for all students.

“Reading coaches” meet their assigned student selected by instructor Julie Faulkner in the library. After selecting a book somewhat above their reading level, they are helped one-on-one with pronunciation and comprehension. Testing occurs in class at the end of the week.

This work is critical for immigrant youngsters in order to meet challenging state standards. Hopefully they can be mainstreamed in time to graduate with their class.  Mission connector Dennis Nelson notes  ”Coaches claim their day at Amphi is the best day of the week.”