New Solar System at MSPC Operational

Mountain Shadows is going GREEN! A new 12.96 KW solar system has been installed in the area just east of the Education Building.

The new system will produce electricity that exceeds our average demand. This will erase our “carbon footprint,” allowing us to care for our environment.

Over time, we will also reduce our energy costs. We will see modest energy savings over the next 15 years as the system pays for itself.

After year 15, Mountain Shadows will own the system and our energy cost savings will exceed $2,000 per year.

This system was purchased by a new Mountain Shadows member, Bruce Clark.

Bruce has a passion for using solar to reduce the use of coal and gas to produce power, which improves the air quality we breathe.

We are blessed to have Bruce as part of our congregation, and thank him for this generous gift.

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