Binational Posada 2022



This year's event in Douglas, AZ/Aqua Prieta, Mexico took place on December 13 at 4:00 PM.   Participants included approximately 25 individuals from the US side of the border and 35 individuals (including numerous families with young children) from the Mexico side of the border.  Of note, the Tucson Borderland Young Adult Volunteer (TBYAV) program Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs), the new Site Coordinator, and a member of the Board of Directors (a member of MSPC) participated.  A copy of the entire program captures the processional in three parts can be found by clicking here:  Binational_Posada_--_12-13-2022_--_Douglas-Agua_Prieta.pdf

The following pictures represent the TBYAV representatives, the first-stage cross with a backpack (followed in the program by adding a a jug of water at the second stage, and adding a loaf of bread at the third stage), a cross with the name of a deceased migrant found in the US desert, and US-side participants at the beginning of the ceremony.

Binational Posada 2022 TBYAV Reps    Binational Posada 2022 Mexico side first stage with backpackIMG 2472   Binational Posada 2022 Cross for a Deceased Migrant  

Binational Posada 2022 US side pasticipants with DEngeljohnIMG 2473