Protein Partner

Animal- and fish-based protein

Each year, throughout the month of March, our church is the April IMPACT Bag Partner that collects approximately 500 12-oz cans of animal- and fish-based protein.  By March 31, we then deliver the protein to IMPACT of Southern Arizona for inclusion in the 500 grocery bags stocked with other donated items to be distributed throughout the month to needy families.  Although IMPACT has access to donated funds to purchase peanut butter and other plant-based forms of protein, donated funds are not designated for purchase of the more expensive animal- and fish-based protein.  Importantly, animal- and fish-based proteins are not readily available to IMPACT from the central AZ food bank system.  Thus, Mountain Shadows has taken on the task of collecting donation of this high-cost protein for distribution during the month of April since 2022. 

Because each family that receives an IMPACT Bag gets one can of the animal- or fish-based protein, it is especially important to ensure consistency in the net weight of the donated cans.  Thus, units ranging from 12- to 12.5-oz are requested.  Ultimately, regardless of the net weight of the cans donated, the total net weight donated is divided by 12 in order to determine the 12-oz equivalents provided to IMPACT.  

Here’s the type of animal- and fish-based protein generally available in the requested 12- to 12.5 oz units — 


Summary of MSPC Donated 12-oz Equivalents of Protein 

  • 2024 —
    • 511
      • Delivered on 3-29-24 to IMPACT.
      • Actual — 549 cans ranging in weight from 5.0 to 12.5 oz amounting to 6,139 oz.  
  • 2023 — 
    • 502
      • Delivered 3-31-24 to IMPACT.
      • Actual — 575 cans ranging in weight from 4.5 oz to 12.5 oz amounting to 6,027.3 oz.
  • 2022 —
    • 570
      • Delivered 3-25-22 to IMPACT.
      • Actual — 760 cans ranging in weight from 4.5 oz to 38 oz amounting to 6,845.6 oz.