Enjoy these pieces of music from our Church.

 Advent Music Collection

Of the Fathers Love Begotten


O Come O Come Emmanuel




Held By His Grace   (Church Choir)
Jesus Be With Us   David Gambrell  (Steve Cupo - Vocal, Charmaine Piane Dame - Piano)
A Wessex Pastorale   (Dorothy Grimm - Clarinet, Charmaine Piane Dame - Piano)
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms     Arr. Hoffman & Showalter
The Eyes and Hands of Christ        Arr. Tom Kendzia   (Jeff States - vocal, Dorothy Grimm - Clarinet, Charmaine Piane Dame - Piano) 
The King of Love My Shepherd Is     Arr. Lloyd Larson  (Dorothy Grimm - Clarinet- Charmaine Piane Dame - Piano)
Sweet Hour of Prayer/Just as I am Without One Plea   Arr. Janet Voight   (Charmaine Piane Dame - piano solo)
I've Got Peace Like A River   Arr. Gary Lanier   (JJ Johnston - trombone, Dorothy Grimm - Clarinet, Charmaine Piane Dame - Piano) 
Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace   (Fran Moran - Vocal, Charmaine Piane Dame - Piano)
The New 23rd Psalm
Alleluia  Arr.  Ken Canedo & Bob Hurd   (Mary Ann Luini - Vocal & Keyboard
Surely The Presence  Arr. Lanny Wolfe  ( Jeff States - Vocal, Charmaine Piane Dame - Piano)
Let There Be Peace on Earth     Arr. Miller & Jackson (Fran Moran - Vocal, Charmaine Piane Dame - Piano)
Worthy is the Lamb     Arr. Carl Tuttle  (Mary Ann Luini - Vocal & Keyboard)
Wait For The Lord     Arr. Taize  (Vocals: Steven Cupo, Karen Thomas & Charmaine Piane Dame, Clarinet: Dorothy Grimms.  Piano- Charmaine Piane Dame)
Lord Listen to Your Children Praying   Arr. Ken Medema  (Dorothy Grimms - Clarinet, Piano -Charmaine Piane Dame)
Burn In Me   (Mary Ann Luini -Vocal & Keyboard)
HE    John Richards
 Change Our Hearts (Change Our Hearts    Rory Cooney  (Vocal -Steven Cupo, Charmaine - Piano - Charmaine Oiane Dame)
 There is a Longing   Anne Quigley   (Guitar and Vocal - Brian Parker)
Rock of Ages  (Church Choir)
God of the Sparrow     Text Jaroslav Vajda, Music Carl Schalk   (Vocal -Karen Thomas, Clarinet -Dorothy Grimm, Piano -Charmaine Piane Dame)  Hymnal # 22)
Love One Another Bob Dufford  (Vocal and Piano - Charmaine Piane Dame, Clarinet - Dorthy Grimm)