Ruling Elders

Ruling Elders, Assigned Faith Priority and Ministry Team Oversite —

  • Clair Brooks — Tending (Finance)
  • Paul Butler — Tending (Personnel)
  • Dan Engeljohn — Venturing (Communications)
  • Cassi Fraley — Presbytery; Ministry Liaison
  • Therese Griffin — Tending (Facilities)
  • JJ Johnston — Giving (Stewardship)
  • Joy Lewis — Clerk and Caring (Health and Deacons)
  • Suzanne Pennington — Venturing (Mission)
  • Rachel Srubas — Pastor/Moderator

Responsibilities —

According to the six Faith Priorities, the Ruling Elders on the Session:

  • Reflect together on the church’s mission in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • Pray for the congregation’s needs and rejoice in its blessings;
  • Connect with the Ministry Teams within their Faith Priority, ensuring the Teams provide regular written ministry reports to Session and receive support from Session;
  • Discern, in accordance with Scripture, God’s purposes and provisions for the congregation and for its witness to the community beyond the church;
  • Decide on matters that fall within the Session’s responsibilities, according to biblical teaching and the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church (USA);
  • Communicate decisions regularly and clearly to the congregation through Ruling Elders’ relationships with congregants, through announcements to the gathered congregation, and through print and electronic communications such as newsletters and the church’s website; and
  • Sustain a life-giving relationship with the greater church through Presbytery de Cristo and other councils and expressions of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

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