Creating Recyclables

At church, if you don’t want your worship bulletin after service, throw it in the recycle bin on the ramada. In addition, if you have a beverage during Fellowship, you can either dispose of the recyclable container in the recycle bin or wash the reusable mug for future use.

Collecting Recyclables

Be a part of the Communications Ministry Team (CMT) Green Living Initiative by becoming a Green Living volunteer. Monthly, the Green Living volunteer will collect the church’s recyclables and take the recyclables home for placing in their home recycling bin.  Feel good about reducing the carbon footprint and helping to care for God’s creation.  Doing… Continue reading Collecting Recyclables


Be a part of the Communications Ministry Team (CMT) Green Living Initiative. Creating recyclables — Check out ways you can create recyclables at church (and at home). This is a good thing! Collecting recyclables — Check out ways you can gather up the recyclables at church and dispose of them at your home, using your… Continue reading Recycle

Green Living Initiative

Recycle — Secure on-line giving — PC(USA) “Green Living” publication(s) — Find out what the denomination has to say about the church’s role (and need) to protect God’s creation. Thanks for helping to protect God’s creation by reducing the amount and types of content ending up in a landfill.