Church Leaders

A congregation as active as ours depends on a remarkable team of leaders who care for our members, work in the community, and nurture our spirits and minds.

Pastor: Rachel M. Srubas    Rev Rachel Srubas 2020

Parish Associate: Rev. Denise Edwards   Denise Edwards 1

Director of Music: Charmaine Piane Dame   Charmaine 01

Office Manager:  Judy Leonard  Judy


Session ZOOM August 2020

  • Session Elders
    • Skip Brauns (Clerk of Session)
    • Cassi Fraley (Vice Clerk of Session)
    • Sam Leeper
    • MaryAnn Butler
    • JJ Johnston
    • Jeff States
    • Therese Griffin
    • Joy Lewis
    • Dorothy Grimm


Deacons 2020

  • Board of Deacons (Ministries of Care)
    • Freja Cranston,Co-Moderator
    • Alida Wilkes, Co-Moderator
    • Beverly Johnston
    • Judy Hans
    • Chuck Sherman
    • Lynn Parker
    • Brian Parker
    • Judy Meister
    • Connie Wortman
  •  Church Treasurer:  Linda Zoellner  Linda