Church calendar
  • We plan and deliver worship services that provide congregants and visitors opportunities to listen and respond to the Spirit through Scripture, the spoken word, and inspiring music.
  • We work to fulfill worshipers’ need to praise God and express thanksgiving in acts of prayer, remembrance, and offering.
  • We confer with and support the work of the Pastor and Director of Music whose responsibilities include respectively: the selection of scriptures, design of worship, preaching of scripturally based sermons, matching hymns to the message of the scripture and sermon, and the selection and oversight of all non-hymn music.
  • We collaborate to provide for all practical matters related to worship that are not the direct responsibility of the Pastor and Director of Music.
  • We believe as stated in the Book of Order that the life of the church is one, and that worship, witness, and service are inseparable. In Jesus Christ, God entered fully into the human condition in an act of self-revelation, redemption, and forgiveness.

In carrying out our tagline of “centered in Christ, caring for community,” we are affirming —

  • Whose we are,
  • Who we are, and
  • For whom we are.

Join us and experience getting to know God’s people in action.

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