Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry Team’s role in the life of Mountain Shadows Presbyterian Church (MSPC) is to prudently manage all financial assets and to help generate giving amongst the congregants.


  • The Team works closely with the office manager to ensure that all financial activity is accurately recorded and reported to the Session and, ultimately, the congregation. A primary focus of the Team is to ensure that all funds are applied for the use and purpose intended by the giver. Team activities help to provide the congregation high confidence that the financial and stewardship commitments of the church are met.
  • Financial reviews and written procedures are approved first by the Team and then presented to Session for acceptance. The procedures call for adequate written documentation controlled through both the “Green Sheet” and Power Chruch software. The Team accounts for deposits through deposit worksheets when recording offerings and other gifts and receipts.

Team Members *

  • Clair Brooks., Elder-Moderator
  • Linda Zoellner., Treasurer
  • Jeff States., Assistant Treasurer/Moderator of Legacy
  • Bruce B.
  • Dorothy G.
  • Sam L.
  • Ex Officio — J.J. Johnston, Elder-Moderator of Stewardship, with participation especially during the stewardship ramp-up campaign that begins its organizational work each Fall

* The Naming Policy and Agreement for Internet/Social Media policy is used.

Updates / Activities

See pages 17 – 22 of the 2022 Annual Report and associated documents for a more detailed description of activities and procedures.