MSPC Library

  • See the current inventory of books in our library of which there are 825 books as of 5-24-24.  Although you can search for a specific book, topic, or author using relevant search terms, our current search tool is not optimal.  We have provided a table that includes sorted categories by the following topics — devotions; grief; hope; map/atlas; poem/poetry; prayer; and spiritual.
    • If you are able to download our Inventory PDF File, you may be better able to search the downloaded content by topic of interest.
  • If you want to borrow a book, come to the library and complete the check-out sheet in the three-ring binder that includes a hardcopy of the inventory.  If you are not a member of Mountain Shadows, please contact the church office at (520) 825-7858 or with your request to schedule a time to come to the library and arrange to borrow a book.
    • The binder is located on top of Cabinet #4 by the wall telephone.  Provide the following information —
      • Your name;
      • Book name;
      • Primary author name; and
      • Check-out date.
  • When you return the book —
    • Enter the check-in date on the same sheet you used to check-out the book; and
    • Place the book in the “Book Return” box near the back wall (do not re-shelf the book).

If you have a book you want to donate that you think is appropriate for our library, please place it in the “Donations Here” box near the back wall.